Hi Friends, I'm Sarah!

Thank you so much for visiting my website. I'm pumped to be here and to get to know you! My career started in the creative marketing industry where I've served in various project management roles for nearly 15 years. My curiosity & interest in photography budded and bloomed and in a classic 2021 life plot-twist, I'm venturing out on my own as a creative & photographer.

If you've ever met me in person, you know that my laugh is equal to my smile! I'm a people-person, and I think kids are magic, even when they need a moment (or two). I am a self-confessed social psychology nerd. Hate all you want, but those tools have been so helpful in understanding how to create meaningful connections with others. For the record, I'm an ENFJ and Enneagram 4w3.

My favorite mornings start with a walk on a local trail nearby, enjoying a cup of coffee. I love nature & exploring. Lastly, for fun, I love scaring people (think Ellen's scare videos) but don't worry, I reserve the actual scares for family.

It would be an honor to photograph you and those you hold dear. Let's create some magic of our own, shall we?!