Jordan & Cara are hip & fresh young things with some old soul vibes mingled in. Best kind of people, in my opinion. They married at just 22. Talk about figuring out a lot at one time. They were growing up themselves, as individuals, and learning how to navigate marriage. I mean, this is all before their frontal lobes were developed! That’s a big deal :)

They are still crazy about each other, and they have intentionally tended and  nurtured their love and grown some substantial roots. It was time to celebrate. It was time to create some magic.Over whiskey and snacks, we talked about what they hoped for the shoot. I worked with Jordan and know a thing or two about how he prepares & processes, so it was no surprise he pulled out a list that summarized what he learned each year they were married. Cara is a fellow creative (and a talented GF/DF/SF baker) and as she talked about their love, it gave me so much inspiration to pull from visually.

Enjoy the story of their love, 5 years in. Here’s to 55 years more Mancari’s! 

What story do you want to tell?

I'm here to celebrate and also to walk through something delicate with gentleness. If you have a story you want to get creative with, I'm totally here for it and I can't wait to talk with you about it.