Jordan & Cara are hip & fresh young things with some old soul vibes mingled in. Best kind of people, in my opinion. They were married at 22 and are crazy about each other! They have intentionally tended and nurtured the fire of their love. Their fifth year anniversary had come and it was time to celebrate! It was time to create some magic. Over whiskey and snacks, they told me how their love was challenged and how it grew over the years. Jordan prepared a list that summarized what he learned each year they were married (totally presh) and Cara, who is a fellow empath & creative, told me how she wanted to feel and what her aesthetic vibes were. What dreamboats they are :) 


Jordan’s summary proved to be really helpful and gave a framework and direction for the shoot. I found a dreamy location with five spots within it that told each year's story symbolically. Through posing & body language, we visually told each year’s story of connection and growth.


They married young, and have wisdom beyond their years. From learning more about who they are as individuals and learning how to build together as a couple, to identifying their own areas of personal growth to establishing and implementing rhythms and calling out each other's strengths & gifting, these sweet friends have built and tended a beautiful strong fire. 


Your love is beautiful! Here’s to 55 years more. 

What story do you want to tell?

I'm here to celebrate and also to walk through something delicate with gentleness. If you have a story you want to get creative with, I'm totally here for it and I can't wait to talk with you about it.